• Location : West Azerbaijan,  38°58'44"N45°28'24"E
  • Criteria : Cultural: (ii)(iii)(vi)
  • Year : 2008
  • Description : including: St Thaddeus Monastery, St Stepanos Monastery, Chapel of Dzordzor, Chapel of Chupan, Church of the Holy Mother of God.

    The Saint Thaddeus Monastery "The Black Church" is an ancient Armenian monastery located in the mountainous area of Iran's West Azerbaijan Province about 20 kilometers from the town of Maku. The monastery is visible from a distance because of the massiveness of the church, strongly characterized by the polygonal drums and conical roofs of its two domes. There are several chapels nearby three on the hills east of the stream one approximately 3 km south of the monastery on the road to Bastam and another that serves as the church for the village of Ghara-Kilisa. The St. Stepanos Monastery or Monastery of St. Stephen the Proto-martyr Maghardavank is an Armenian monastery about 15 km northwest of Jolfa city East Azarbaijan Province northwest Iran. It is situated in a deep canyon along the Arax river on the Iranian side of the border between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Iran. It was built in the 9th century and rebuilt in the Safavid era after several earthquakes damaged it. The Chapel of Dzordzor is part of an Armenian monastery located in Maku County, West Azerbaijan Province Iran on Zangmar River near the village of Baron. The monastery had its heyday in the fourteenth century before being abandoned and destroyed in the early seventeenth century, when Shah Abbas I decided to displace the local Armenians. The Chapel of Holy Mother of God is the only part of the monastery still stands today. The construction of this chapel cross surmounted in the center of a drum dome dates back to the 9th to 14th centuries. In agreement with the Armenian Apostolic Church the building was relocated 600 meters by the Iranian authorities in 1987-1988, following the decision to build a dam on the Zangmar River, to avoid being inundated in the dam reservoir.The chapel is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since July 6 2008 alongside St. Thaddeus and St. Stepanos Monasteries. The Church of Saint Astvatsatsin or Church of the Holy Mother of God is a 17th-century Armenian church in the Valley of the Araxes along the Araks river in Iran near Darashamb.

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