The diversity of Land Of Iran, Culture, Tradition and People of Iran have not been hidden from the eyesight of the foreigners who have travelled to the Persia since ancient days when Europeans started to discover this part of the world in the back fifteenth century to the present day by a number of travellers who outlined Iran as an undiscovered land for their mindful and adventurous Journies.

Sorrounded in a land of roughly 1,648,195 Square Kilometers as the land of formerly Persia or todays Iran, It is bound from the north to former Soviet Union or newly CIS, south to the Persian Gulf States, from the west to Iraq and Turkey and from the east to Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Iran is geographically situated on the crossroads of Asia and silk-road which entitles this vast land for a diversity of cultures by its own people which biased from the diversity of the nation and the different cultures which have emerged from the heart of ancient Persia.

While the monuments to glories in the past are indeed worthy of a trip, it is the ancient and Iranian culture that many visitors find most memorable which possesses an unique place inside the borders of todays Iran.

Apart of the glories reflected by the monuments of the past sovereignity seen in ruins of Ilamits, Medes, Achaemenids, Sassanids, Samanids and Timurids. The Nature of Iran have many more to offer the visitors who would be staggered on the scenic beauties of the land.

The Sceneries are stretched from the Damaavand peak as one of the most beautiful volcanos in the world and the highest point of the country ( 5610 M ) stretched the low and highly deserted piece of land as Lut basin in the further south which aptly titles as the driest region on the planet comparable to Death Valley in California, Atacama in the Chile and Namib desert in Namibia!

According to the visitors opinions as they have branded Iran as the land of extremes with typicals such as severe temperature fluctuations in summer and winters, desert dunes parallel with Yardangs in conjunction with snow capped mountains with more than 1500 peaks higher than 2000 meters widely scattered all around the country, 14 subclimatic systems throughout the country as Iran is aptly titled the Land of Extremes!

For a visitor who have been in touch with the green in the Europe, for a visitor who have been long away in touch with harsh and dryness of the Kalahari of Africa and finally for a visitor who have been long way brought up with the land diversity of the Australia and Americas, Iran still can offer its own typical diversity from mere greenness to sheer dryness, from wetlands to drylands, from highveld to lowveld prairies and besides part of its historical richness outshone by its monuments as all in total land from an extreme north-west up to down in south-east in one piece of roughly 1,648,195 Square Kilometers!

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